Do you need to use the Brockamp Special pad with a saddle pad?

No, you don't need to use it with a pad underneath, but we strongly advise it. The Brockamp pads can not get washed, so putting a thin dressage pad underneath helps to protect the pad from dirt and sweat. For the comfort of the horse and to ensure better spine clearance and protection, we advise to use it with a treeless saddle pad with inlays. 

Do you offer a guarantee? 

We offer a 30 day guarantee on defects in material and workmanship. We do NOT offer a satisfaction guarantee. 

Can I return my pad if I don't like it?

We do offer used test pads for people who would like to try before they buy. As soon as you order a new pad and have had it on horseback, we can't take it back. We are only selling new items and want to  ensure every customer that the new pad they are ordering is actually new and has not been on a horse before. If you are simply not liking the color and have neither used the pad or put in on your horse, we are happy to exchange it for a different color.